Pipette MD

Pipette MD

PIPETTE MD, the service division of Sartorius, is part of Pipette Doctor network, the world leader in pipette maintenance and calibration operating a network providing expert services around the globe.  Our trained and certified service engineers are your assurance of good quality. No matter what pipettes you have in your laboratory, we can repair and/or calibrate them!

Why Calibration and Maintenance:

Pipettes are precision instruments that require regular maintenance and calibration - just like any high value tool used in your laboratory. If you value the integrity of your data, you can insure that data is reliable with a properly maintained and calibrated pipette.

By applying a regular calibration and Preventative Maintenance Program to your pipettes, the accuracy and precision of the pipettes is optimized, the integrity of your data is assured and the lifetime of your valuable “tools” is maximized. Also, contamination risk is minimized with regular professional cleaning.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) dictates that precision tools like pipettes must be maintained and calibrated at regular intervals by a competent body. Pipette MD is expert on all pipette maintenance and calibration - regardless of the manufacturer.

Accreditation and Quality Systems:

Accredited processes require traceability of measurement required by quality standards around the world. Globally Pipette Doctor  has a network of accredited calibration laboratories providing  services around the world.

Pipette calibration is always conducted according to ISO 8655 ( standard for piston-operated volumetric apparatus ) and we use original spare parts whenever possible.

At Pipette MD, we service and calibrate all makes and models!


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Pipette MD

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